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Casino test winner - we show you the real winner Your passion is playing and you like to gamble online? Then you are exactly right here! Because at you can see the best online casinos at a glance. Online casinos have been around since 1997. Already in the mid-90s there were the first foundations, the beginning of 2000, the global expansion then started. In the meantime, this way of playing has become firmly established and is indispensable. Your search for a good online casino has finally come to an end, because we have comprehensively tested the best online casinos for you and put together our experience for you here. All relevant reviews can be found here on our website. Thus, we offer you a solid and secure assistance to find a suitable casino for you. Here you can see at a glance the online casino test winner. We tested for you See here the best online casinos we tested in Germany in January 2019. The rating of the individual providers can be seen in our ranking accordingly. Which does not mean that a casino can be found lower down the rankings, as such is worse than the above. It depends on the overall result of our tests at a casino and your needs for an online casino. In the first place we checked the valid licenses, then the offered games as well as the payout ratios. Next, we tested the reliability, support, and, last but not least, the payout of the winnings. After this test run, we can recommend our online casino test winner unrestricted! All casinos from our ranking list convince with respectability, an attractive game selection, an easy handling and much more. Trust our work and consider our result in your decision for the right online provider, so that you can enjoy your gambling passion with much joy. All vendors tested by Casino Test Winner have one thing in common, they are transparent, totally secure and reputable!   We checked and compared all casinos in the following areas: • security and seriousness • Existing game offer • Profit rates • deposits and withdrawals • Customer service • Bonus for new registrations

Tried and tested - test categories Security and seriousness: The security of our tested casinos is given! Of course, especially in the online area, the security of personal data plays a big role. We personally convinced ourselves in our tests. Thus, we can ensure that the highest standards of security and privacy are given to the providers we recommend. Games selection: The range of games available is very versatile and takes some time to browse all of them. Start with the categories that are relevant to you. For which casino you decide on the final, of course, always depends on your personal preferences. Odds: The winning odds of our listed casinos are all above average, so you can look forward to a speedy success in your online game. Sign up, play and most likely win, our listed casinos make it possible! Deposits and withdrawals: The processing of deposits and withdrawals of our tested online casinos is safe, prompt and easy to handle. Within a few clicks, you have transferred the desired amount to or from your player account. You can dispose of your money directly. Customer Service: A good customer service is always important, of course also with our tested providers. Whether inquiries by e-mail or telephone, a quick response time is always desired. All of our listed providers offer above-average customer service. Bonus for new registrations: Gifts are always welcome! So also the players of our recommended on-line casinos can look forward to an attractive bonus with new registration. We tested this extensively for you at all providers in our ranking. We would like to point out at this point that providers who are not listed here are not automatically bad. The rating of our casinos is based on our experience and, of course, on the results of our test criteria.

Helpful tips for choosing the right casino You're probably wondering what's the right casino for me? We are happy to give you valuable tips and assistance, so that the decision easier and you quickly find a suitable casino with us. A high bonus when registering or rather a good profit share? Or you do not care about all that and you only rely on the gaming offer? Everyone has their own particular idea and different priorities in online gaming. The more accurately you can filter out your priorities, the faster our help will help you find the perfect online casino for your gaming success. Casino Test Winner supports you in choosing the right casino! We thoroughly tested all offered casino recommendations. Only when all criteria have been checked for us and have been satisfactory, is our recommendation. We put the providers to the test and put everything through their paces. Despite the fast pace of the online business, the casino tests are always up to date! Because our claim is to check the casinos on a regular basis (monthly) on all criteria. In the event of deviations or changes, these will be updated accordingly in our ranking. Trust our years of experience in the online casino world. Which casino games are offered online? The selection of online games is seemingly limitless. From virtual slot machines to the classic, the virtual card game. Guaranteed everyone here finds something to his taste in the game. slots Here is played virtually on a machine. The online slot machines typically offer three or five reels, and there are certainly those with more or fewer reels. On the reels you will see different symbols. Only when all the symbols match, you achieve the main prize. Also symbol combinations are often counted as partial profits. The more matches and the higher the subject, the greater the profit for the player. For a game on the slot machines no previous knowledge is needed

table Games In the past, you would use stones, small woods or other natural objects to place bets at table games. In modern times, this requires only a few mouse clicks in modern online casinos. The development is already enormous, but the popularity of the table games has not diminished. Poker, roulette, baccarat, skat and many other classics are another big part of the casino games. What started several centuries ago, we are allowed to experience online today. video Poker Videopoker is about collecting all the necessary hands from a typical poker hand. Usually two rounds are played. The profit is then evaluated and paid out according to fixed quotas per hand. Poker lovers will get their money's worth here and can pursue their gaming passion online at any time. Live Casino Games At the moment there are live casino games on the internet. Here is played correctly, at real tables. The real games, such as blackjack, roulette, baccarat and even poker are transmitted via webcam transmission from live studios to the Internet. The bets continue to place the players virtually on the Internet, cards, roulette balls, etc., however, are real. Here are a few tips for those playing online for the first time First compare some online providers and make a comparison for you. There is much more than just a reputable online casino. Therefore, it is important for your decision-making to compare the recommended online casinos with each other before you spontaneously select one and register directly there. When you register with an online casino, make sure you make the right choice. For who has too many registered accounts with different providers, who loses just as a beginner quickly the overview. Before registering with a casino, check out the licenses, game selection, bonus promotions, and the service offered. This makes it easier for you to choose the right casino that suits you.

Try the website of the preferred providers. Get an overview of the game offer and its categories. Make sure that the offer meets your needs. The bonus offers, VIP offers and the rules of the game should also be viewed. A reputable online casino also provides a comprehensive FAQ area. This should help to orientate yourself in the first game attempts. We recommend that you start with a low-stakes game first and set your maximum bet at the start. Never exceed your specified stakes. If it does not work so well with the winning, rather you take a small break from play. Because this way you are better under control and prevent a gambling addiction. Check the given winning odds of different machines, the higher the odds, the more jumps for you in the end. In the long term you are doing the best and saving yourself a lot of frustration. Our ranking helps you to choose the right provider.  -> winnings from the online casino are not taxable!